WEP Support Counselor Position – Rewards

Always wanted to work with international youth? Curious to learn about another culture, or brush up on your language skills from a native speaker? Passionate about lifelong friendships and doing something good for your community and the world? Have enough room in your heart to support a foreign teen on a program to the U.S.? Then this role is just right for you!

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As a WEP Support Counselor, you will:

  • Be an independent contractor with a flexible schedule
  • Work with amazing young people from Europe
  • Form new connections in your community through host families and school administrators
  • Get a full online WEP Support Counselor Training
  • Receive a compensation per student for the placement and ongoing support
  • Join the WEP Community of more than 33 countries
  • Have an opportunity to travel & meet your students in their homelands

WEP Support Counselor Position – What’s Involved

Depending on the program selected, the responsibilities of WEP Counselors may vary. Our staff will contact you with a detailed description of the duties based on your selection. Most programs include the following aspects:

  • Host family search
  • Home placement vetting process
  • School enrollment confirmation (for academic programs)
  • Enhancement activities set-up and follow-up (for short-term programs)
  • Ongoing support (orientation, monthly contact, meetings, activities)

WEP Support Counselor Position – How to get started

You can become a WEP Support Counselor by following these five easy steps:

  • Fill out an online WEP Support Counselor Application (click on the link below)
  • Submit a criminal background check
  • Provide two non-relative references (professional and/or personal)
  • Have a phone interview with a WEP National Office staff
  • Complete the WEP Counselor Training

If interested, please Click Here to fill out an online WEP-USA Support Counselor Application form.

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