WEP-USA provides its program participants with a personalized attention, expertise and professionalism, focusing on detailed and realistic programs' description. This helps each participant to make an informed decision on which program is right for them. Once committed, pre-departure orientations and information sessions help participants to better prepare for a great experience that lies ahead.

The Advantages of WEP

WEP enjoys a satisfaction rate of 98.2%, based on the student, family, and school surveys conducted in the last five years. with more than two decades of experience in the industry and a wide range of programs, WEP-USA is committed to its mission: to provide quality international experiences for world citizens and to encourage cross-cultural education.


Since 1988, WEP put personal international experiences of its staff forward to serve families on both sides of the ocean. Created to promote world travel during the school holidays, WEP has always distinguished itself for the quality of its programs, becoming a pioneer in the field of high school student exchange in Western Europe. Working with thousands of students over the years, WEP team specializes in managing the programs' promotion, set-up, logistics, as well as their curriculum, relying on their first-hand experience of studying abroad.


WEP-USA wants every student to make the right program choice. For this reason, a group of psychologists are invited to the evaluation meetings to assist with the student selection process. Using a protocol developed exclusively for WEP and refined in recent years, WEP aims to better evaluate the different attitudes and motivations of its candidates. A combination of a test/interview and individual psychological assessment adds a broader insight into the student's personality, in addition to the evaluation of his/her educational achievements and language competency.


The WEP team is always ready to help, guide and ensure that all program participants have an enjoyable experience. All students attend a weekend-long pre-departure orientation, where they learn about culture shock, and possible challenges of studying overseas, while having fun. There are workshops for the parents to attend, as well.



Worldwide Presence

article why-choose-wepWEP has offices in 8 countries of the world, with trained professional staff ready to assist and meet with potential applicants to discuss the variety of its programs, their specific challenges and rewards.


Every year WEP awards full scholarships to some of its most deserving participants, who require financial aid. The selection process is very transparent with the rules and application steps explained clearly from the start. These annual scholarships are WEP's contribution to its goal of helping each deserving student to make their dream of studying overseas come true, even if they cannot afford to pay the full program fee.


The WEP team is always working on improving its processes, policies and service. WEP-USA wants every experience to be special. This is why WEP surveys its participants during and after their program, evaluates the received feedback carefully, including its abroad partners, to make sure the program support is structured the right away.


WEP-USA wants to guide its participants in the process of choosing the most suitable program for them. WEP staff always aim to explain the programs in detail, in clear and realistic terms of what one can expect from an experience abroad, whether it is studying, traveling, or volunteering overseas. The timely information is a key step for all essential components of the program to be clear and understood from the beginning.

WEP 2.0

WEP-USA is in sync with the 21st century. It utilizes robust online training and knowledge management portals, dynamic and user-friendly website, online database system and backup, and connectivity to the major communication engines, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. WEP is always ready to take advantage of the modern day technology, when one needs it. WEP email communications, Skype interviews, and online applications allow for saving time and resources, while offering more efficient processes and systems.

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