article languagetutorWhat is the WEP Language Tutor Program?

Available for French, Belgian and Italian young adults, the WEP Language Tutor program offers the opportunity for participants to become a conversation friend to an American family, while sharing their everyday life. They may speak to one or several family members in order to help them to improve their language skills through conversation in the participant's native language.

The tutor may also have to assist their host family with their homework. The amount of time dedicated to these 'conversations' is approximately 15 hours a week. It is also possible to spend the program with two families in two different locations in the U.S. The program is open to French and Italian speakers. Other languages may be added on demand.

Accommodation & Meals

WEP Language Tutor participants stay with American host families who provide them with full room and board in exchange for language tutoring. The family is also asked to pick their tutor up from the closest airport upon arrival.

How long is the program?

The program can be one, two, or three months long, as well as a full year by request.

What are the program requirements for WEP Language Tutors?

Every participant on the program must:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Be a native French or Italian speaker
  • Be a graduate or currently enrolled in Higher Education/University
  • Be a student or graduate in an education-related field
  • Have a previous relevant experience in teaching
  • Be a European citizen or able to get a visa "waiver" that allows one to stay in the U.S. for up to three months
  • Have travel insurance covering sickness & accidents

Why Choose WEP Language Tutor program?

Language tutor is a great program for those families who work on their French or Italian skills and who need to master their pronunciation or vocabulary building through daily casual conversations with a native speaker.

Practice makes perfection, and WEP Language Tutors are prepared to talk on the same topic until the family is comfortable with the subject and ready to move on. WEP Returnees of the program comment on how much they enjoyed living with an American family, while giving back part of their heritage through language teaching.

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