article stayandplayWhat is WEP 'Stay & Play' Summer Program?

WEP ‘Stay & Play' Summer program is designed for European high school students who want to come to the U.S. during their school holidays to live with an American family and to experience American culture first-hand. The students are grouped by small clusters near popular destinations and participate in daily activities arranged by their WEP Support Counselor. “Stay & Play’ students come with their own pocket money, medical insurance, and good English - they are ready to start their American adventure!

How long is the 'Stay & Play' program?

The students come for 4 to 6 weeks during their summer vacation, starting with late June arrivals.

Who are 'Stay & Play' students and how are they selected for the program?

WEP 'Stay & Play' summer students are carefully screened by WEP overseas offices for maturity, English skills, personality to adapt to a foreign environment, and eaginess to explore the United States. The extensive written application process ensures that only interested and deserving students are selected to participate, and who can represent WEP and their countries well. Most students are fluent in English and will adjust to their summer life in America very fast. Currently, WEP-USA offers 'Stay & Play' summer program to the following three countries: Belgium, France, and Italy.

Do 'Stay & Play' students live with American families?

WEP 'Stay & Play' students are accepted as sons or daughters by their American families. They participate in the family’s daily life, help around the house, and talk with family members about their homeland. The host families are asked to provide a bed (the room can be shared with a host sibling similar age) and three meals a day. It is our hope that through short-term programs like WEP summer ‘Stay & Play’, American families will bond with their students, and this experience will be the beginning of a friendship that will last a lifetime and will encourage them to visit their student’s home and meet their family and friends.

What are some possible activities for the program participants?

WEP local Support Counselors are responsible to arrange enhancement activities for their clusters. Some of these activities may include English classes, leadership or skill building workshops, sightseeing or educational trips, volunteering projects, visits to the local parks or zoo, etc.

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