article volunteering What is WEP- Corps?

WORLD EDUCATION PROJECT sm Corps (or abbreviated as WEP-Corps) is a program for young adults from Europe, who are between 18 and 35 years old and who want to come to the U.S. during their summer or winter holidays to volunteer at various environmental and conservation projects. The mission of this program is to increase the environmental awareness among today's youth, and to join cultures on meaningful projects to save our planet, while learning about one's culture and traditions. The WEP-Corps program focuses its attention on where help is needed the most: from continued efforts to re-build New Orleans or restoring hiking trails in the national parks of the West, to working on preserving Florida Everglades, pristine Alaska's eco-system, or saving rare animal species in Hawaii. The WEP-Corps volunteers are eager to extend their helping hand and learn about the current needs of the U.S. They are willing to volunteer for 4-6 weeks on weekdays in exchange for accommodations and meals, and a very unique American experience. Partnered with various nonprofits around the country, WEP-Corps is making a difference in American parks and communities, while making our planet a better place to live and play.

Who can participate on the WEP-Corps program?

The WEP-Corps program is currently open to France, Italy and Belgium. Interested candidates speak English, are passionate about the environment and current issues, have no health issues preventing them to volunteer in the national parks, and are curious about the U.S. and the American way of life.

What are the program logistics and possible time frames?

The WEP-Corps program offers two waves for participants' departure: one in the end of June and one in January. The students volunteer on their selected projects during the day, and have weekends off to explore the country. A local Support Counselor is assigned to each group to answer any questions and provide any kind of support if needed, whether it is confirming the project's logistics, transportation, lodging, or meals.

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