article wep-choiceWhat is WEP-Choice Academic Program?

WEP-Choice is an academic F-1 program that is available to European teens, who are between 14 and 18 years of age, and who are interested to study in the U.S. and pick their U.S. location (state, area, and, in many cases, the school) from a wide variety of popular destinations. The Choice option gives the parents a peace of mind of being involved in the selection of the academic institution for their child based on their personal criteria, which usually include safely, location, academic standards, and student's particular interests. The program is focused on both private and fee-paying public schools that are eager to enrich their classrooms by having overseas students, as well as to provide F-1 visa support paperwork to the accepted candidates. The students come either for a full academic year, or a semester, or a 3-month term program.

Who are WEP-Choice students and how are they selected?

The WEP-Choice students are carefully screened by WEP overseas offices for leadership potential, maturity, academics, English skills, and personality to adapt to a foreign environment. The extensive written application process ensures that only interested and deserving students are selected to participate, and who can represent WEP and their countries well. Most students are fluent in English and will adjust to their new life in America very fast. Currently, WEP-USA offers WEP-Choice program to the following three countries: Belgium, France, and Italy.

Do WEP-Choice students live with American host families?

Most WEP-Choice students prefer to stay with an American host family to be completely emerged in the American daily life and to gain a deeper understanding of the American culture and customs. American host families accept WEP students as their new sons or daughters, and are excited about life-long friendships they will get through their experience. All WEP-Choice host families receive a monthly stipend to offset the costs of hosting a student on long-term programs. Are you interested to host a WEP-Choice student? Please visit our section 'Host a WEP Student' HERE to learn more and get started.

Are WEP-Choice students allowed to live on campus?

Some private schools offer a boarding option that may appeal to a select group of WEP-Choice students. Detailed description of the campus, its structure and support is required to be shared with a student before the school enrollment is finalized.

Which schools work with the WEP-Choice Program?

The WEP-Choice Program works with many high schools across the nation, both private and public. These schools welcome the idea of having international students in their classrooms and exposing their students to a wider world. WEP-Choice students come with strong English and good grades, and are very active in their school life.

The WEP-Choice high schools have to be designated to issue F-1 student visa paperwork, and have to be accredited by an educational accreditation agency of their state. To learn more about WEP partnership with schools please click HERE.

Who provides the on-going support to the program participants?

WEP-USA Support Counselors are based in the local communities across the U.S. and are responsible for preparing the host family for their experience, vetting each student's placement, and providing the ongoing support to all program participants. In addition to the monthly contacts with their student and host family, WEP Support Counselors serve as mediators should an issue come up, and help their students to be successful on the program.

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