wep-usa study in the USEvery year more and more high school students consider studying in the U.S. on an F1 Program with WEP-USA foundation, established to place and support WEP participants on programs to and from the United States. The U.S. remains the number one country for international students as they want to perfect their English and experience the life of an American teenager by attending a high school with cutting edge academic programs, practicing with high school sport teams, and exploring after-school activities that make American schools what they are today: drama, model UN, cheerleading, marching band, choir, etc.

The WEP F1 Program is the leading choice for academically driven students for several reasons:

  • WEP-USA F1 students enjoy the flexibility to pick their own school from a large database of approved American high schools. WEP-USA works with both public and private schools located in the top destinations in the U.S. Such unprecedented flexibility allows students and their parents to have the peace of mind, knowing from the start where their son or daughter will do their studies in America.
  • WEP-USA works only with select schools that have strong academic reputations, wide choices of extracurricular activities and sports. The program is designed to accommodate students' various requests, aspirations, or home school requirements. U.S. diploma, IB/STEM programs, special courses, interests or sports are guaranteed during the enrollment process.
  • WEP-USA F1 students are placed with nurturing host families in safe American communities in their selected area. Host families go through a rigorous vetting process to be selected for the program that includes an extensive application, criminal background checks, references, in-person interview and home inspection.
  • Flexible admissions process and deadlines allow students with special requests to be considered for the program. Once accepted, the placement is guaranteed.
  • All WEP-USA students enjoy the ongoing support of their local Support Counselors & a 24-hour central Emergency Line through the national office.

WEP-USA F1 Program is very popular among students who know what they want from their overseas experience. Able to accommodate any budget, WEP offices offer guidance to students and their families to select what works for them and what is important for their future career. WEP F1 students could work on their SATs, American college admission and have the flexibility to match their academic or personal interests completely. Younger students enrolled in private schools also have the opportunity to continue their students at the school for the following year(s).

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