La Bella Italia! Italy, home of much of the world’s greatest art, best food, happy people, will host you with pleasure. Your Italian family and school might be anywhere in Italy, from the northern Swiss border to the sunny tip of its “boot”.  Share everyday life with a warm, loving family. Visit cities and tiny villages with rich history, museums, and churches. Learn to speak Italian both with words and with your hands! Fabulous pasta, crusty bread, snowy peaks for skiing, sunny beaches for swimming, Roman ruins and the best of the 21st century architecture – Italy offers a sensational student exchange opportunity!

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List of Outbound Programs to Italy:

High School
Italian school is quite difficult and the expectations are high. Participants will be enrolled in the 3rd or 4th year of the five years of the scuola superiore program. They will follow classes in a local liceo from Monday to Saturday morning. Classes include Italian, Mathematics, Sciences, Physics, Foreign Language (German or French), Geography, History, Physical Education. The school year...
One to One
Discover the Italian culture, while receiving quality Italian lessons from your host family! One of the host parents is an experienced teacher and he/she will provide the participant with 'one to one' lessons everyday. It is commonly said that the progress made in one week of privé (private) lessons is similar to three to four weeks of group sessions.
Language Buddy
Available in France, Belgium and Italy, the "Language Buddy" program offers the opportunity for participants to become a 'conversation' friend in a local family, while sharing their everyday life. They may speak to one or several family members in order to help them improve their language skills through conversation.
Experience the life of family on an Italian farm! Discover the everyday life of a farming community, while improving your Italian language skills! As active family members, program participants will learn to do some farm work, like fruit picking (apples, strawberries, olives, grapes, etc.), animals care, selling farm produce on the markets, etc. In exchange for accommodations and and meals, participants may work an average of 40 hours per week with the full weekend...
Work Experience in Hospitality
This program offers participants the opportunity of work experience in the Italian hospitality field. As interns, they may work at the reception desk, in the restaurant or the bar (maximum of 40 hours per week). In exchange for their work, the hotel provides participants with accommodation and full board. Participants will have 2 days off per week.
Camp Counselor
Get the opportunity to learn about the Italian culture by working in a summer camp in the historical city of Torino or in the wonderful mountains of Piedmont. The camp counselors will arrange fun language activities for children/teenagers and they will teach simple things in English by spending time together playing and talking. The camps arrange sport activities with specifc sport leaders. While the camp counselors are there to improve the children’s language skills they do not need to be sport trainers, but just assist during the sport activities. The camp counselor program is open only...
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