Belgium is where Europe comes together. Belgium is a compact country nestled between Germany, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the North Sea. The cosmopolitan nature of Brussels, capital of the European community, has created a tolerant and welcoming attitude towards foreigners. Belgians are known for being humble and hospitable, with a great sense of humor. There is more to Belgium than chocolate and waffles, it is the scene of a very rich cultural past (painting, architecture) and thrilling present day art scene (exhibitions, music, fashion, comic books, theatre, etc).

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List of Outbound Programs to Belgium:

High School
The Belgian educational system is one of the most thorough in the world. Expectations are high and the students are asked to perform well. Participants will follow classes in a local school from Monday to Friday. The classes will include French or Dutch (native), Math, Biology, Geography, Physics, History, Physical Education, Foreign Language (second); and optional classes will include Economics or a third...
One to One
Discover the Belgian culture, while receiving quality French lessons from your host family! One of the host parents is an experienced teacher and he/she will provide the participant with 'one to one' lessons everyday. It is commonly said that the progress made in one week of privé (private) lessons is similar to three to four weeks of group sessions.
Language Buddy
Available in France, Belgium and Italy, the "Language Buddy" program offers the opportunity for participants to become a 'conversation' friend in a local family, while sharing their everyday life. They may speak to one or several family members in order to help them improve their language skills through conversation. The participant may also have to assist them with their homework. The amount of time dedicated to conversations should be 15 hours per week. It is also possible to spend one month with families in two different locations of the country. The program is open to English,...
Experience the life of family on a Belgian farm! Discover the everyday life of a farming community, while improving your French language skills! As active family members, program participants will learn to do some farm work, like fruitpicking (apples, strawberries, etc), animals care, selling farm produce on the markets, etc. In exchange for accommodations and and meals, participants will work an average of 25 hours per week. The participants' program goal is to experience the farm lifestyle in the middle of a Belgian countryside, compare to the one in his/her own home country, or...
If college level students or graduates are looking for an internship in Belgium, WEP can find a potential employer and set up the terms. An internship (usually unpaid) should match the candidate's educational level with the professional experience in the field related to their studies. Participants will develop their professional and French language skills, while they gain an insight into the Belgian work culture.
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